Slide Room Drip Edge

Available in 2 options:

2 Part Design (for Schwintek slide room tracks only) & 3 Part Design (for
all others slide rooms).

Product Description:

  • Basic overview: The 40” long Customizable Drip Edge product guides & controls the flow of water run-off, to exit past the slide room floor. This eliminates constant water exposure at the floors outer edge, which results in deteriorating and rotting floors. It eliminates water from entering into preexisting corner gaps (where seams come together) that remain & come about from manufacturer design flaws, and lack of quality. The trimmable Drip Edge product is attached along the bottom edge of the slide room side walls. The main sections are made up of UV resistant, PVC vinyl materials to with stand the outdoor elements of constant sun exposure. The preinstalled hook & loop fasteners allow for a quick & easy removal when retracting slide rooms.
  • For the 2 Part design / For Schwintek slide room tracks only: The main Drip Edge is attached via hook & loop, to the tracks lower lip that’s holding up the floor. The water path here runs over & around the Schwinteck track itself, then down on the main Drip Edge, past the bottom floor before running off and exiting. This entire main section is removable when retracting your slide room.
  • For the 3 Part design / For all other slide rooms: The smaller permanent section is attached to the slide room side wall via 3M VHB tape. This is placed above the bottom edge molding strip, that’s usually screwed down in place. Next is the larger removable Drip Edge that attaches to the fixed section via hook & loop. With the two connected together, it allows water to flow around the bottom edge molding strip and past the floor before exiting of the Drip Edge. The larger main Drip Edge portion here is removable when retracting your slide room, as the smaller permanent section stays in place.
  • Both designs require the use of installing one permanent Mini Drip Edge per side. The customizable parts are placed on the lower outer edge corner near of the T molding. After installed they will hang down lower than the floor itself. They seal up & create a barrier to keep water that’s running down the T molding edge from seeping into the floor corner area. Like the larger Drip Edges, this one too directs the water past the floor and exits off the Mini Drip Edge.
  • With the Mini Drip Edge & main Drip Edge working together, both designs would guide water over & around the bottom molding strip/ or Schwintek track, and away past the floor area before exiting. Any water that works its way down towards the outside corner against the T molding, will be caught & directed past the bottom floor area before exiting as well.
  • 2 Part Design includes, (1) 40”x 2.25” long trimmable Drip Edge (that comes with the pre-attached loop portion of the fastener), (1) 40” x .5” long strip of the hook portion of the fastener w/ adhesive backing, (2) trimmable Mini Drip Edge’s, (1) 12” long x .5” wide 3M VHB tape, (1) small strip of butyl putty, (1) sheet cardstock, and installation instructions.
  • 3 Part Design includes, (1) 40”x 1.75” long trimmable permanent strip (that comes with 3M’s 2 sided VHB tape & the hook portion of the fastener both pre-attached), (1) 40”x 4” long trimmable removable Drip Edge (that comes with the loop portion of the fastener pre-attached), (2) trimmable Mini Drip Edge’s, (1) 12” long x .5” wide 3M VHB tape, (1) small strip of butyl putty, (1) sheet cardstock, and installation instructions.


  • NOTE: Each individual set (2 Part or 3 Part) comes with enough material to produce up to 40” in length of custom Drip Edge. Each kit includes (2) Mini Drip Edge’s, even though you may only end up using one based on your application. For example, you could produce a 36” long Drip Edge & thus only using one of the Mini Drip Edge’s, or you can produce (2) 20” long Drip Edge’s, of which you would use both of the Mini Drip Edge’s here.
  • The Drip Edge products protect your investment from costly water damage repairs & prolong its life considerably, thus maintaining a good RV resale value.
  • The product saves you time & money from less maintenance work to preform, and has a nice curb appeal look to it as well.
  • Covers, seals & protects problematic areas from common water intrusion, by properly sealing & blocking constant UV exposure to prevent sealants from breaking down.
  • Stops water saturation at the underside corner edges of the slide room side walls.
  • Stops heavy winds from blowing water up under the slide room floor, where it normally gravitates to the outer corners & hangs out.
  • Stops the wicking effect, that naturally pulls water around corners & works its way over to the underside of the floor.
  • Protects & covers the bottom edge molding strip, that usually has screws running down it.
  • The permanent mounted Mini Drip Edges alone will provide corner protection even when the main Drip Edge is not attached.
  • Resolves poor assembly line quality & manufacturers design flaws.
  • Vinal parts are a natural clay color & 100% UV stable!

2 Part Design (for Schwintek slide room tracks only)

Part # RT DRP EDG 2-P 40L
Internet Sale $46.99 SAVE 13.00
MSRP $59.99
Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping $11.99

3 Part Design (for all other slide rooms)

Part #RT DRP EDG 3-P 40L
Internet Sale $78.99 SAVE 11.00
MSRP $89.99
Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping $12.99

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