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Ross RV Innovations is dedicated to providing quality U.S.A. made RV accessories that will truly improve your RV experience. We strive to provide friendly customer service experiences in a timely manor all the time. We are glad to help assist you with your purchases after the sale and stand behind our products 100%.

New Products Now Available!

Safety device that straps on virtually any ladder configuration independently as two parts, providing excellent traction & stability, greatly reducing slipping & falling, thus keeping you safe from injuries. Its padded design eliminates those annoying scratches & ding marks on your RV side walls that come about when using ladders. Product doubles as “Roof Rack Transporter Grips”, assisting with strapped down ladders & other items from shifting & scratching your trucks tailgate, roof, etc. during transport. It also works as “Ladder Shoulder Pads”, providing comfort when carrying heavy ladders up on your shoulder.

Made specifically for Schwintek in-wall slide room tracks. Resolves common water leak issue associated with its defective design that traps & holds water in the top gutter area, thus passing through the seal & getting inside Your RV causing water damage.

Our 53” long, UV stable, trimmable Track Plug slips into the top gutter portion that runs down the complete length of the Schwintek track. With its built-in tabs, it’s effectively put into place & eliminates water from entering the track all together, thus stopping water from leaking in. The Plugs also eliminate debris build up, which causes friction that often leads to motors timing out early, thus not fully closing tightly. Manufacturers have been installing the

2 Part Design for Schwintek track slide rooms & 3 Part Design for all other slide rooms.

The 40” long Customizable Drip Edge products guides & controls the flow of water run-off, to exist past the slide room floor. This eliminates constant water exposure at the floors outer edge, which results in deteriorating & rotting floors. It eliminates water from entering into preexisting corner gaps that remain & come about from manufacturer design flaws, and lack of quality. The trimmable Drip Edge product is attached along the bottom edge of the slide room side walls. The main sections are made up of UV resistant, PVC vinyl materials to with stand constant sun exposure. The preinstalled hook & loop fasteners allow for a quick & easy removal when retracting slide rooms.

Our soft, durable & weather resistant, PVC foam Mat, keeps you clean & comfortable while doing those dirty jobs on your hands & knees. The extra-large Mat measures 24” wide x 68” in length, gives you plenty of room to maneuver on your hands & knees, or lay down in those hard-to-reach areas. The ¼” thick Mat gives plenty of comfort on those rocky & hard surfaced areas, to give your hands & knees relief, while at the same time not taking up too much space when stowed away. The Mat rolls up & Velcro’s to itself tightly, and mounts vertically or horizontally to (3) screw-in Velcro mounting hardware pads. Simply grab from your mounted location, unroll & use as needed.

Take control of your wearing exterior side wall seams, that quickly fail due to constant expansion & contraction from temperature changes & UV exposure, resulting in cracked seals, thus allowing water to seep in.

Our ultra-clear 25’ long flexible caulking strip, blocks UV rays from constant sun exposure, eliminating traditional sealant breakdown, keeping your seams protected for extended periods of time without constant maintenance. Its acrylic adhesive backing provides an instant, no wait time, and no mess installation experience & provides a clean professional look. The product last more than 12x longer than traditional sealants, saving you time & money. The trimmable caulking strip was designed to seal & protect anywhere traditional caulking has been used on your RV’s side wall seams, especially problematic areas that are up against the suns UV rays more frequently, thus failing more frequently. The ultra-clear product blends in nicely to any RV exterior becoming close to invisible. The products stretching characteristics allows it to bend nicely around radius corners. Available in ½” & ¾” widths; includes applicator tool, test strip & clear high-bond gel tape to seal up corner seams. Keeps you Clean & Comfortable while doing those dirty jobs!

Product Highlights:

1. Clear View Entry Door Window Kit: Replace the cloudy window in your RV door with black tempered safety glass. Provides stylish privacy & a view while controlling light & heat. Lets you see out while blocking others from easily seeing in. See who’s outside before opening your door. Matches your other windows. RT B12521518 KIT.
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2. Magnetic Mount, Blackout / Privacy Shade: Black wipeable tailored shade that magnetically mounts to the interior of your entry screen door over the window opening. This non-transparent shade rolls up to itself and attaches back to your screen when not in use. Provides 100% night time & day time privacy. Keeps sleeping area’s dark & keeps intruders from looking in when your away. RT BMAG 255175 SD.
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3. Slide Topper Support System:

Slide Top Support Install Description
Our new Slide Topper Support System puts an end to the annoying water pooling & wind flapping noise caused from your slide topper material. This product is an industry first to be completely effective, with its adjustable height & adjustable length to fill the space between the slide out roof & the slide topper material.
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