3 in 1 Ladder Accessory

Product Description:

  • This Safety Device gives you confidence & piece of mind when using on virtually any ladder configuration. Provides excellent traction & stability at the point of contact while maneuvering on any ladder its attached to. Greatly reduces slipping & falling with its amazing grip characteristics, keeping you safe from injuries. With its padded design, it eliminates scratching & dings that come along with normal everyday ladder use.
  • Features commercial grade fully adjustable/ multi-position, E-Z on/off, low profile hook & loop Secure Straps, w/ Strap Management to organize unneeded sections of strapping. Dual 1” strap width’s provides strong gripping power, with arms that max out to a 20” long circumference, down to as little as 6”, makes this truly a universal product.
  • Extremely durable, UV rated, high performance EPDM polymer rubber material, provides dual gripping action on both sides of the ladder, is impact absorbing, tear & puncture resistant!
  • PVC re-enforced center support gives you added structure & function.
  • Black stainless-steel fasteners withstand the outdoor elements.
  • Product doubles as “Roof Rack Transport Grips,” assisting with strapped down ladders or other items from shifting & scratching your trucks tailgate or roof, during transport.
  • Product doubles again as “Ladder Shoulder Pads”, providing comfort when carrying heavy ladders up on your shoulder to & from your vehicle or other places around your house.
  • This product is hand assembled & MADE IN THE USA!
  • Comes with (2) Pads per set.


  • Prevents injuries from slipping & falling, keeping you safe!
  • Stops those accumulating scratches, & dings on your RV sidewalls & upper gutter areas near the roof, & greatly reduces other possible glass damage!
  • Used for many tasks (when using a ladder), including, cleaning & waxing your side walls, sealing your side wall seams, washing windows, fixing stuck awnings, putting up Slide Topper Supports, changing a light bulb, fixing a back-up camera, and endless maintenance & cleaning on your roof.
  • Keeps your ladder firmly in place & prevents wind from pushing at the ladder causing it to slide downward & hit another part of your RV causing damage! (commonly happens when you step off a ladder to get something), This can also leave you stranded on the top of your RV roof without a way to get down.
  • Eliminates the slamming noise when impacting the surface its going up against with its padded design.
  • Can be attached independently to any part of the ladder rungs (including the center area’s), side rails, & top step (on A Frame ladders), thus making it work well with sloped roof lines, uneven & rounded surfaces, such as large pillars, front noise on an RV, other vehicle types, boats, planes etc. Note: Ladders will typically rest at the center point of a rung when it go’s up against a rounded surface. These Pads will provide you protection at these unique locations.
  • The low-profile straps keep out of the way from possible tripping when going up & down a ladder, eliminates catching your foot by accident, etc.
  • Easy, Quick, and Simple to use.
  • Can secure & wrap around the top “Step Portion” of an A Frame ladder to lean up against your surface, with out extending the ladder in the open position.
  • 2 sets of straps per Pad tightened down, eliminates any movement or slipping action.
  • Rounded top & bottom edges, gives extra firm contact with a solid seam for more durability, for when places at the end of a ladder & its up against your surface.
  • NOT JUST FOR USE WITH RV’S! Can use at home or work & in any application a ladder is used!
  • These are a Commercial Grade Quality & built to last!
  • 90 Day Warranty against any defects & workmanship.

Installation Instructions & Use Guide:
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Product Dimensions (per each piece):
Body: Length/ Height __7”______ Straps (continuous): Length __20”______
Width ___3.25”_____ Width __1”______
Thickness ___3/4”_____ Thickness ___1/8th_____
Weight: ___8 oz_____ (combined as set-2 pieces)

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