Clear UV Caulking Solutions

(Available in ½” & ¾” widths)

Educational information on common issues with standard sealants.
Exterior RV side wall seams, (which are everywhere traditional caulking sealants are used), expand & contract constantly with temperature changes. Certain side wall seams become more problematic than others depending on which area is exposed more frequently to the sun. The constant UV rays, along with the temperature fluctuation, amplifies the issues. It’s this constant temperature fluctuating with constant UV exposure that deteriorates quality sealants quicky; cracking the seams & exposing your RV to water intrusion. Once you notice the failed areas, you end up spending hours on end, removing old sealant, to then tape off & apply new caulking to re-seal those areas. This ends up being a constant battle, doing this over an over each year. The Insta-Seal product resolves this issue, keeping your RV protected, and in a newer condition for longer periods of time.

Product Description:

  • The ultra-clear, 25-foot-long flexible caulking strip, blocks UV rays from constant sun exposure, eliminating break down that normally occurs with traditional caulking sealants, thus keeping your seams protected against water damage for extended periods of time without constant maintenance.
  • Its acrylic adhesive backing provides an instant, no wait time, no mess installation experience & provides a clean professional look that’s made to last!
  • Has a life span of more than 12x longer than ordinary caulking sealants!
  • The trimmable caulking strip was designed to seal & protect just about anywhere traditional caulking has been used, especially for problematic sidewall seams, where constant expansion & contraction causes normal sealants to crack & fail quickly.
  • The ultra-clear product allows it to become virtually invisible, blending into any RVs appearance, especially full body painted units.
  • The flexible polyurethan material allows it to bend & stretch nicely around radius corners.
  • Puts an end to those messy caulking jobs, that depreciate your RV & countless hours spent removing and then re-applying traditional sealants.
  • The gloss finish top coat, is scratch & stain resistant, and will not yellow.
  • The reduced residue adhesive backing makes it a breeze to replace a section if needed vs. removing traditional sealants.
  • The durable 8 mils thick caulking strip comes on a 25-foot roll with a quick release liner, to remove as applying, and is available in ½” & ¾” widths. Each roll comes with our applicator tool, 15” section of Caulking Strip (for testing purposes), and detailed installation instructions.
  • The product overall saves you time & money by eliminating annual re-caulking applications, and keeps your RV looking great & free of side wall water damage.


  • Simplifies your caulking experience with lasting effects.
  • Installed product withstands movement from expansion & contraction to eliminate common cracking that occurs with standard sealants.
  • The supreme UV radiation resistant product blocks sun’s damaging rays from break down.
  • Strong acrylic adhesive bonds tightly to resist separating once up against its designated surface.
  • Provides, clean, straight caulking lines with out the need for pre-taping, and eliminates the mess of smudging etc. that comes with traditional caulking.
  • The amazing clarity blends in nicely to match with any RV’s exterior colors.
  • The product is re-position-able, can be pulled up & placed back down, during the initial installation if needed. (Which would be at the point of working on an immediate section.)
  • Used for sealing up exterior side wall seams, including leaky windows (sliders & frameless windows), light fixtures, entry doors, storage compartment doors, etc. etc.
  • Can be used for other outdoor applications, like sealing up a leaky windshield, sunroof, or marker light in your car or truck. Or sealing area’s around boat windows, & deck to window frame seams, or other exterior items that need to be sealed.

Installation Instructions & Use Guide:
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Insta Seal 1/2” Width x 25’ Long

Part #1 RT CL INSTA SEAL 050 25L KIT
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Insta Seal ¾” Width x 25’ Long

Part #2 RT CL INSTA SEAL 075 25L KIT
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MSRP $58.99
Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping $5.99

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