Manufactured specifically for “Schwintek” in-wall slide room tracks.)

Educational Information why we produced this product…

Product resolves Schwintek’s defective design issue, which traps water in the top “Gutter” area on the track, causing standing water to sit & pass through the track’s seals, that quickly fail & become deformed from normal operation.
This issue allows water to enter inside your RV at EACH of the tracks mounted locations, thus causing water to run down the backside of the facia and accumulating onto the floor areas.

Causing expensive water damage to the slide room floor & walls, the front facia area (usually swells up), the rug, & down to the main floor area & nearby walls. Overall, greatly devaluing your RV.

This effect multiplies by wind & heavy rains.

The problematic design was used by manufacturers from mid-2010, all the way up to mid-2020. From there, most all manufacturers switch over to the revised track design which took care of the problem. See attached pictures that show the gutter issue.

Product Description:

  • The 53” long trimmable Track Plug slips into the top gutter portion that runs down the complete length of the Schwintek track.
  • The Track Plug is made of a UV resistant EPDM black material, that’s tear & puncture resistant.
  • The built-in tabs are used as finger grips to move & position the Track Plugs in place, as well as making for an easy removal.
  • The Track Plug eliminates water from ever entering the track, thus eliminating water leak issues.
  • The Track Plug also eliminates the build up of debris that can cause the room to jam up and not close tightly. Debris build up also causes for a dirty track, which leads to increased friction, which causes more stress on your motors.
  • Comes rolled up on a core & in a resealable bag for storage. Install in all Schwintek tracks after extending your slide room, & pull out to remove before retracting.


  • Cost effectively eliminate water leaking issues on your slide room. Great way to try out before having an onsite technician come out to diagnose issues. (This is the number one slide room water leak issue related to Schwintek slide room systems.) A shop repair could cost thousands in labor to get access to repair damaged seals with-in the track itself, only for them to come back with the same problem within a few years. Most shop techs are not even aware of the issue & where water is entering in from.
  • Stop’s water leak issues before they become a problem, as its only a matter of time before they start to fail & leak water.
  • Extend the life of your slide room motors, by reducing the friction from dirty slide tracks, that build up over the years with all kinds of flying debris including, pine needles, sap, gritty substances like sand & dust etc., that make it hard for the slide rooms to glide smoothly when operating.
  • Tracks with out debris also help to retract nice and tightly against the RV side wall. A little bit of debris, along with added friction, can cause the slide room to stop & time out earlier, making it think its all the way in, leaving the room out an extra ½” or so. Note: If your slide room is not pulled in & sealed up tightly, it can cause possible water leaking in through the main wiper & bulb seals.
  • Keeps your RV value up by eliminating water damage from this common issue.
  • Saves you thousands on repairing water damage that can go on for a while sometimes before even noticing.
  • Blends in nice, and gives your RV an added slick look.

Installation Instructions & Use Guide
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Part #1 RT- SW TRK PLG-53L
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