Frame Kit

Finished, Entry Door Window Frame Kit

Product Description:
Switch out your worn, stained & faded window door frames with our professionally finish black exterior frame kit. Gives your RV a shiny new look all the time. Easy 30 minute do-it-yourself installation, using basic hand tools. Kit includes, finished exterior frame, unfinished interior frame, black window frame screws & a roll of our “instant no wait time” sealing tape. For standard size window frames only measuring 12″ x 21″ (inner frame to inner frame). Made in the USA. Do not wax for 30 days.

Featured Benefits:

  • Automotive paint process includes 1 primer coat, 2 black coats & 2 clear coats.
  • Protects exterior frame from UV damage
  • Allows you to wash, wax & buff your frames as needed
  • Does not discolor with wax or other cleaning products.
  • Follow the same instructions used in the “Clear View Entry Door Window Kit” -installation video.
  • Includes our instant no wait time installation tape to reset your window.
  • Seal tape prevents your window from dropping down in the frame over time, & prevents window frame tabs from breaking.
  • Made in the USA!

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